Palestras Principais em Inglês – Presenciais – 21º Congresso Internacional de Trilogia Analítica

1. Energetics and Its Fundamental Importance for the Future of Humanity

Carlos Cesar Soós

To paraphrase Norberto Keppe, the scientist who discovered the psychological phenomenon of inversion, “humanity is sick because it is inverted”. This means that inversion is a disease that affects every human being on this planet, and the worst thing about it is that it is an unconscious process. Therefore, the scientific development we have experienced so far, especially in ecent decades, is nothing more than a “pseudo-development” because instead of making us more aware of ourselves, it takes us away from consciousness, bringing with it catastrophic effects such as giving more value to the virtual and artificial than to the real and natural, effects that squander our human quality with each passing day. In other words, through inversion, we are losing our humanity. In this context, Physics stands out, the basic science that guides the development of all the others, and which, in turn, could not fail to be inverted by basing its entire structure on matter rather than energy.

This fundamental inversion, first pointed out by Keppe, has led other sciences to study energetic, biological and psychological phenomena as if they all came from material elements. For example, in Physics, energy comes from particles; in Biology, life comes from molecules and in Psychology/Neuroscience, consciousness derives from genetic factors and/or 47 neurochemical reactions.

We urgently need to realize that the “Disinversion” of Physics could save the planet from catastrophe because it will lead us to the true mother science of all, which Keppe called Energetics, and whose laws of action apply for all physical, biological and psychological phenomena, thus constituting the true unified science that scientists and thinkers have longed for throughout the ages. It is through Energetics that Theology, Philosophy and Science will speak the same language and humanity will regain the consciousness lost over millennia of inversion and will have its true  spirituality and human quality restored. After all, it is this quality that justifies one of the greatest insights of Theology, which identifies us as having been made in the image and likeness of the Creator.

Keywords: Energetics, Inversion, Disinverted New Physics.


2. God Today – The Resonant Beauty of the Coming Together of the Americas

Richard Lloyd Jones

There is a wonderful story to be told about the Americas. Not the separated Americas of north and south, of first world and third world. Not the present-day attempt to join its vast markets as proposed by economic think tanks rhapsodic about freer access to resources and labor. This is a much different story.

This is a vision of the Americas you’ve never heard before. Not the Americas that beam from glossy travel brochures or the dramatic vistas of immense rainforests, but the dream for the Americas prophesized for centuries. To uncover this story is to venture deep into the esoteric, for the dreams and plans for establishing a golden land of riches and the Holy Spirit began long before the first Europeans ever launched set sail for the west. This dream of a just and ethical world where humanity is linked again with universal, spiritual values, is still relevant today.

The innovation in the story is that the possibility of achieving this long-sought paradise has never been greater. With the science of Analytical Trilogy developed by psychoanalyst, social scientist and independent physics researcher, Dr. Norberto Keppe, we have, for the first time, a profound psychological, spiritual and scientific synthesis that allows human problems in all their complexity to be treated, and, finally, solved. As Keppe puts it in his great book, The Kingdom of Man, “We are beginning the greatest revolution in human experience.

The first was accomplished by the Jewish people through their contact with God the Father; the second one was achieved by God’s own son, Jesus Christ; and the third and definitive one is this that is occurring now through the process of conscientization – or better, spiritualization – which is the return of the human being to his interior life, for this is the source of all difficulties and, at the same time, of all goodness that it is possible to accomplish in this existence”. Join me for this profoundly hopeful presentation.

Keywords: Americas, Dream of Humanity, Prophecy of the New World.

3. Goodness, Truth and Beauty — Seductive Therapy for the Soul

Leonard H. Burg

Truth and consciousness are what opens this door to a higher form of beauty – “beatific” (Blessed) inner vision – that confers direct knowledge of God and a sense of divine peace and beauty. This defines goodness and morality because it propels one in the direction of God.

Evil is going away from the Divine. Soul Therapy, incorporating the science of Analytical Trilogy, is designed to lure one’s soul towards union with the Creator. As above, so below. The beauty outside of you is but a reflection of the intoxicating bliss inside. Doing good and being truthful gives you access to the inner divine nectar that quenches the eternal thirst and satisfies the soul. This is the work of the Soul Therapist, an Apotheosist, Psycho-spiritual Coach and Consultant. He/she prepares seekers for the science of opening the portal to the beyond, with the help of Analytical Trilogy.

Since time immemorial, as souls separated from consciousness of the Divine, they’ve been lost, at a loss and trying to find themselves, their higher purpose in life. Healing comes from bathing in a luscious beauty inside that is pleasing to the inner eye, ear, the mind and soul. It lures one from the drifting mind and its sensory addictions and directs it towards desires inside that are more lasting and fulfilling. Through interiorizing and conscientizing, Analytical Trilogy upends the pathology and neurosis of the world by conscientizing one to the Goodness, Truth and beauty of the Divine.

The role of Soul Therapy is to prepare souls for “religare”, the true meaning of “religion” – the inner binding of the soul in consciousness back to God. Both Soul Therapy and Analytical Trilogy are conscious approaches to beauty and aesthetics that respect but go beyond the physical. Like in ancient Egyptian and other African societies, the role of art and aesthetics was to connect to higher human consciousness. Soul Therapy, in conjunction with various spiritual practices, can help one to contact their inner beauty. Like Analytical Trilogy, this can help to purify the soul by uprooting personality defects and the kind of egotism that leads to neurosis.

Keywords: Soul Therapy, Inner Beauty, Interiorization, Conscientization.


4. Your Voice: The Consciousness of Beauty, the Beauty of Consciousness

Susan Berkley

In this presentation I show how the spoken voice reveals the inner life of the individual. Our ears are extremely sensitive to the subtle energetic changes in a voice, revealing the speaker’s emotion and intention.

The human ear can detect sound-wave-induced vibrations of the eardrum that move by less than the width of an atom and the ears are so sensitive they can also detect vibrations a million times less intense than those our sense of touch can detect.

No two voices are alike and every human being has a voice print as unique as their finger print; the voice reveals the soul. Poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote that “The soul of man is audible, not visible. A sound alone betrays the flowing of the eternal fountain, invisible to man!”. Inverted, materialistic science believes the uniqueness of each voice is due to heredity, facial shape, social environment etc. But I believe each unique voice reveals God’s sonic fingerprint, as if it were an emanation of His essential, scalar energy.

In The Physics of Keppean Trilogical Metaphysics, Dr. Keppe writes: “The sound of any object exists only because scalar energy transports these elements to the human being. If this energetic force did not exist in time and space, we would be deaf, mute, blind and unable to taste or touch. We live immersed in an immense sea of energy which our senses barely perceive”. I also analyzed why many people feel their voice is not okay and they need a vocal makeover. In The Origin of Illness, Dr. Keppe writes: “The finding that most surprised me was that human beings fundamentally opose themselves to their qualities and talents”.

On the Thinking with Somebody Else’s Head podcast, Dr. Cláudia B. Pacheco commented: “It’s a serious mistake to think we should be better than we are. The soul has so much hidden beauty, yet we cover it up with our censorship, falsity, idealization. Being natural should be the rule because our nature is linked to the most incredible Being of all who feeds us with His energy”.

Finally, I explain how Artificial Intelligence could never fully replace the human voice because it is unable to reproduce the essential, internal vibration carried by the voice. From Dr. Keppe’s Parousia: “Quantum theory is mistaken in proposing that energy travels in the form of packets (Einstein), and not via an essential, internal vibration whose origin is the Creator Himself, ruler of the universe” (Chapter A-1 Humanity is Powered by Spirit).

Keywords: Human Voice, Inner Life, Vibration, Scalar Energy.




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