Palestras presenciais em inglês – 21º Congresso Internacional de Trilogia Analítica

1. One of The Principal Causes of Mass Shootings Among our Youth

Gilbert Gambucci

It would be very difficult to find incidents throughout history of assault or death at classical or high-quality music concerts. However, serious bodily injury and even death are more common than you might think at certain types of electronic rock concerts such as heavy metal, hard rock, punk and radical. And what exactly happens there? When the lyrics are aggressive and vulgar and combined with relentless rhythmic dominance and all sent through an electrically modified sound system at extremely high volume, the results on the human being become very specific and negative.

The days of Elvis Presley and early rock and roll are one thing, but when it turned into something completely different, albeit misleadingly using the same term rock, the result was a fundamentally different experience. Sometimes these aggressions are actually produced or directly suggested by the band members themselves.

The “Wall of Death” at Heavy Metal concerts has become a frequent practice. It’s basically the same practice as the “Circle Pit”, where massive crowds run in a circle at the behest of band members until they begin to violently stampede. The spiritual climate induced by these types of rock concerts often causes a collective behavior that produces the same type of uncontrolled violence, that is, sudden violent stampeding, showing a direct link with entities of spiritual darkness. Sometimes the disastrous results are covered in the media, and then we see the band members blaming the organizers, the organizers blaming security and security blaming concert goers, when, in fact, everyone is in the hands of the mentally ill, demonic entities, both human and spiritual.

The effects of heavy rock events need to be better known for the destruction of civilization this type of so called music is accomplishing. In fact, certain types of troops of American soldiers in Iraq had heavy metal music pumped into their helmets to incite rage and killing. Are these the kinds of feelings we want to develop in society? It’s no wonder that our youths, who enter into the influence of this music on a daily basis, are becoming exceedingly aggressive.

Keywords: Heavy metal, Resonance, Shootings.


2. Where Does our Energy Come From?

Fabio Iasi

A research into the origin of our energy, a new vision of our organism and where do the hundreds of chemical substances that are renewed every second come from? This work brings data from scientists from the past combined with the revelations of Norberto Keppe´s trilogical transenergetics.

Discoveries proven in 1930 about biological transmutations at room temperature in all living beings and mainly the psychophysical transmutation that occurs exclusively in humans and its connection with our psychic life.

Keywords: Energy, Food, Transmutation, Health, Illness

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