21st International Congress of Analytical Trilogy

The Beauty of Consciousness and the Consciousness of Beauty

July 6th to 9th, 2023

Discussions and Panels

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A stimulating and diverse selection of addresses, symposia, workshops, and panel discussions will be conducted over the three-day period by a distinguished group of scholars, physicians, artists and practitioners gathering from around the world for this historic occasion focusing on the Brazilian School of Analytical Trilogy founded by Dr. Norberto R. Keppe and Dr. Cláudia Bernhardt S. Pacheco.

The Congress will be a meeting of minds devoted to the study and propagation of Analytical Trilogy, theoretically, historically, and in practice in the areas of:

  • Arts and Communications
  • Language Studies
  • Legal Studies
  • The Science of Energies (The New Physics) and Keppe Motor Technology
  • Education and Pedagogy
  • Economy & Entrepreneurship
  • Spirituality and Theology
  • Environmental Management
  • Integral Psychoanalysis
  • Psychosomatic Medicine
  • Social Pathology

Practical Applications of Analytical Trilogy

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  • Individual and group psychoanalysis for treatment of neurosis, psychosis, and organic illness without the use of medicines or drugs.
  • Treatment for children with difficulties in socio-affective adjustment at home or at school, developmental problems and somatization problems.
  • Orientation for parents with adolescent children.
  • Emotional competence for anyone wanting to develop their personal and professional potential.
  • Business training at administration levels for increased professional efficiency through conscientization of errors (feed back) programs.
  • Orientation and courses for professional educators.
  • International Congresses.
  • Psychoanalytic training based principally on analysis (consciousness of errors) of the trainee, with theoretical and practical training.
  • Undergraduate, graduate, post graduate and elective courses at the Keppe & Pacheco Trilogical Colleges as well as lectures and reading groups open to the public for those interested in Keppean discoveries and methodology.
  • Lectures about Trilogical Enterprises (scientific perspective).
  • Lectures about Trilogical Residences.
  • Scientific interchange with international associations.
  • Programs and courses for the development of artistic excellence as the basis of civilization.


Enter the World of Consciousness

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The only Colleges that unify science, philosophy and theology.

The only Colleges that offer both in-person and online courses, that apply the science of Analytical Trilogy (psycho-social-pathology) in all its disciplines. The Colleges feature international professors highly trained in Norberto Keppe’s Integral Psychoanalysis.

To develop the human being and society integrally, through the awareness of individual and social pathology.

To preserve the world from the destruction caused by corruptions, calamities and wars, using Analytical Trilogy (Integral Psychoanalysis), which unifies the fields of Science, Philosophy and Theology. In the integral human being it corresponds to feeling (love), thought (reason) and action (good, beautiful and true).

To offer innovative and transdisciplinary training, through the already established Trilogical Pedagogy (which unifies Science, Philosophy and Spirituality) and distance learning technologies.


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